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Important News:

Make your timetable available for outing. We are organising following trips for the year 2016. Please book your seats as soon as possible. For further information please contact Mr.Rameshbhai Patel - Your office Manager, Pravasi Mandal for booking,additionalinformationetc. by Tel.No.01933-442955 or by email : pravasimandal2@btconnect.com.
Please note Management Reserves all rights for the above programme.

Proposed Trips for Next Year 2017
Greece By Flight - Yet to finalise the dates
Norway By Cruise - Yet to finalise the dates
Dubai By Flight - Yet to finalise the dates
Kenya By Flight - Yet to finalise the dates
Please keep an eye for the trips - further information please contact Office Manager - Shri Rameshbhai Patel - Tel.No.01933 442955

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