The Day Care Centre offers meal that is cooked on the premises, individual dietary needs are catered for diabetic, low fat, soft diet. Transport is also available to people who cannot walk to the centre or have no other means of transport at a subsidised rates. The delivery of meals to social services and to private customers are also made as and when required. The services are at subsidised rates as under.

Day Activities Timings Subsidised Rates
Membership Annually - April to March - Per Member   £ 10.00
Monday Keep Fit by Chair Exercise 14.00 - 15.00 hrs £ 1.00 per hour
Tuesday Salsa Dance 10.30 - 12.00 hrs £ 2.50 per hour
Wednesday Yoga 10.30 - 12.00 hrs £ 2.00 per hour
Thursday Swimming for only ladies 15.00 - 16.00 hrs £ 1.85 per hour
  Additional services at subsidised rates Availability Subsidised Rates
Meal at Home Home Delivery - Pure vegetarian Monday to Friday £4.50 per dish
Caterers Up to 400 People   £4.00-5.00 per person
Outing In the UK   £10.00-15.00 per person
Outing In Europe by Flight   £400.00-500.00 per person
Main Hall Capacity upto 120 people - Minimum 4 hours hiering out Monday to Sunday £ 20.00 per hour
Kitchen For cooking food etc. Monday to Sunday £ 55.00 per day
Package Full package with hall,kitchen etc. Monday to Sunday £ 300 per day
Vehicle Hire Self driving(without fuel) 9 seated   £100.00 per day

Meals On Wheel - A variety tasty meals delivered to your door at subsidised rate. We offer a variety of tasty dishes, including special diet option. Our meals are created using only carefully selected ingredients for your peace of mind. They’re freshly cooked and delivered free by us. Simply you can order over the phone between 8.00-8.30 morning. You can enjoy free delivery to your door. Mealtime taken care of- what could be simpler? 
Meals £4.50 and Free Delivery only Wellingborough  area.

For more information, please contact to The Manager - Pravasi Mandal, by Tel.No.01933-442955 or by Mobile No.07821560627 between 08.00 Hrs to 16.30 Hrs (Monday to Friday) or by email to