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An apple a day keeps the doctor away because it contains pectin, which lowers cholesterol and stabilise blood sugar as well as fibre which can help pvent digestive problem and boost the immune system.
Banana has natural mood-enhancing substances such as trypophan and vitamin B6. Bananas are also rich in fibre and energy-releasing starch.
Eating green vegetables are likely to reduce your risk of cancer, stroke, heart disease cattaracts. It prevent anemia and regulate blood pressure.
Celery contains ingredients that not only regulate blood pressure, but also help to soothe frazzled nerves and reduce water retention.
One of the most useful all-rounds foods, peas have a high level of nutrients. They are thought to protect against heart disease and keep blood sugar levels steady.
Spinach contain a huge number of therapeutic nutrients, including potaissium, carotenes, antioxidants and folic acid. Studies have also shown that leafy green vegetables such soinach can reduce the incidence of certain cancers, including those of the stomach, lungs and bladder.
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